Best SEO Tips 2018 – Get More Free Visitors

Do know that how much SEO is beneficial for both bloggers and websites. How really SEO is effective and helpful. As Google search engine update for every day, we should be ready for it. Here are the best SEO tips for 2018 to beat rankings on Google. You can use it for your blog also.

Use Best Title

This is the main factor what we should care for because it has the first priority by search engines to rank on it. Use catching words & Most searched keyword in the title. You can use any keyword finder software or website for it. I usually prefer serpstat to find the best keywords to rank easily.

Voice Search Friendly

Nowadays people are being smart. They are using old typing method to make their search easier, as well as voice search. They want to save their time finally. So usually they prefer to use google voice search option. So we have to capture their attention. To Get more visitors use long tail keywords.

Site Speed

This is another factor that search engine consider for ranking. Yes, speed really matters. Because no user wants to use low loading website or blog. They don’t have the patience to wait for your content to load.

So make sure your site to within 2 seconds or below. To avoid this problem host your blog on high-speed hosting server or use cloud hosting. I personally recommend Sitegroud to host your website

SSL Enable

In 2017 Google started showing an unsafe to browse message for no https websites this is a very important issue take into consideration.

To enable an SSL Certificate for your blog. You can choose a free Certificate or paid. Get free SSL Certificate by using Cloudflare and another one is sslforfree.

Image Optimization

Optimizing the image is a technic that used to decrease the size of the image without losing quality. This essential for every website. This helps you decrease the page size and finally saves loading time. I Recommend you to do use lossless compression method. Visit for free image compression.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions.

AMP or Instant Apps.

Having an AMP version for our website it is an advantage that we can display or serve low-speed internet users to our content.

There are some other reasons how a web page ranking on search engines. But above the reasons are main factors what we should consider to rank our website.

Let me know if there are any factors to consider?

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