Earn Free Google Play Credits With Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion rewards app is a simple survey application. In this app google is conduct a survey, in this survey you have to answer the simple questions that related to google products or services. In return, we can earn free google play credits. We can use this credits later on purchase of apps from play store or buy services.

Download Google Opinion Rewards App

  • Download the latest Opinion Rewards App from play store(Android users) or iOS App store.
    Link Here
  • Open the App and Login with your Gmail.
  • Fill the required fields with right information.
  • It’s about your address and name.
  • agree terms and conditions of opinion rewards.
  • click continue to go next.

Get Start Earning on Google Opinion Rewards.

In the very first survey take 5 minutes of time.

In first survey they ask about your local area, age, gender and postal address where do you live. With in 3 minutes you can complete this survey.

Usually you will get around 3 to 4 surveys every month. You can earn up to $3(200₹) for every survey.

In each survey there will be asked 10 simple questions, answer that questions and get 15 to 25 rupees in Indian currency.

How to Get More Surveys on Google Opinion Rewards App

Sometimes you may get more than 3 surveys and it will be different for every user Sometimes you won’t get any. This is depends on how you have shown interested in using Google products.

Some reasons

  • Enable Location access to Google.
  • Use Play store.
  • Use Allo and other messaging apps.
  • Play Games
  • Other factors.

Where to Use Opinion Rewards Money

Use your rewards money to spend or buy apps in play store, rewards cannot be transferred to your wallet or account.

Validity of Google Play Credits is one year. After one year the amount will be removed from your account. So use it before the expiration date.

Proof of My Earnings on Opinion Rewards App

It is quite simple and easy to use
I’m also using this app below you can see image

Google Opinion Rewards proof

Thanks for your valuable time. Please share article with your friends and help them to earn some free google play credits.

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