Gameon App – Predict and Earn Paytm Cash (New Proof)

Gameon is a fantasy cricket game app to play. Just predict the answers and earn free and real money. It offers free to join and earn real money while answering the few questions. About 25 questions to be answered for the one game to win real money.

You have to answer all 25 or less questions asked within the app before you wanted to participate in the game.

Your score will be increased according to your answers like any other fantasy games.

Download GameOn App

To participate in the gameon apk you have to download the latest version from the play store.

Register on Gameon

To register, you only need your mobile number and referral code to signup on GameOn Application.

  1. Open the App
  2. Enter your basic details like phone number, email and name.
  3. Enter Gamon referral code: mahesh2293 { Click to Copy } to complete sign up the process.
  4. Select your language to continue the app.

How To Play Quiz in GameOn App

Gameon App Play Start Game

Open the dashboard area while any game is live or before set to play.
Answer all the questions asked by the Gameon app itself.

You get scored based on your answers that you made before the game to be started.

If you are among the highest scorer based on your predicted answers, you will earn some money if you are one amongst other winners.

Winners list will be announced after the live game is over/stop playing.

Check your account.

You were one of the winners your account will be credited some money based on your ranking.

How to Earn on the GameOn app?

Predict the correct or exact answers to all the questions you have faced/answered before to join the contest.

Somehow you scored more than any others you will get high prize amount than others.

How To Earn More on the GameOn?

GameOn app Earn Unlimited

You can earn more cash by referring your friends to this app.

Get 10 free paytm cash for every successful join made with your referral code.

You can also earn 50% of referral earnings from your referrals when they won the match that you participated in.

To Invite More Friends select the Invite Friends Option from the main menu.

If your friends join using your referral code you get 10₹ cash for free.

Rules To Play Quiz On GameOn?

  1. Each match will have an set of questions to answered before the game yet to be started.
  2. After the match start, you can only views score that you have submitted before.
  3. Once you submitted the answers can not be in done.
  4. Participation In the game is free on GameOn Predict Game.

How To Share This code?

Select the Invite Friends from the Main Menu.

Select any social bookmarking sites to share these link.

How GameOn points Score Works?

Like any other fantasy cricket games score works, these were running also same.

The game score depends on:

  • Every Correct Answer: 2 Points
  • Every Wrong Answer: -1 Points
  • For Three answers in a row; 3 points
  • For playing all the questions: 5 points

How To Redeem The Cash

Redeem the cash if you have earned minimum payout threshold.
Select the redeem option from the main menu.

Tip To Earn More:

Just refer more friends and earn more with this app.

Proof Of GameOn app

The new proof was added.
GameOn app india Paytm proof
For more, Please stay tuned or save bookmarked these page to get latest updates.


Join the gameon app and predict the answers before the yet to be started. If you have scored than any others you will get the high amount of prize money.

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