TheMobileWallet App – Get Free 30₹ Talktime In Wallet

We have posted many useful posts. Try to visit the homepage to find out more. Today we are here with an offer which gives you 30rs worth rechargeable wallet amount for joining. The app name is TMW(TheMobileWallet App). This App gives you 30 joining bonus for free.

Here is the how to get it?

Download TheMobileWallet App

You have to download the TMW APK app first, on your mobile.

  1. Click on the below link to download the app.
  2. Download Now
  3. You are redirected to play store.
  4. Select the install option to download.
  5. Install the app.
  6. You have done.

Register on the TheMobileWallet App.

To Get 30 Rs bonus you need to register in the app.

Follow the steps:

TMW themobilewallet App offer

  • Open the TMW app.
  • Select Sign up today option.
  • In next page enter all the required fields like name, document number etc.
  • You must enter the referral code to join.
  • Enter TheMobileWallet referral code:- MAHE93AC48 { Click To Copy }
  • Then click on apply to validate the code.
  • They will send you OTP to verify your mobile number (It’s automatic process)
  • Next step, Set an M-PIN to secure your account.
  • Now choose a pattern to even more secure your account.
  • You have completed the joining process to TMW.
  • Wait…

How To Get Joining Bonus From TMW App?

Wait. You need to wait at least 24 hours to get the bonus.
You will be notified when your bonus is added to your account.

This bonus will be credited if you join before 30th April (No official date)

I Got notification after 30+ hours.

So, join now get your free recharge of 30 rupees.

How To use this bonus?

You can redeem this it through recharge or paying bills.

Proof of TMW – TheMobileWallet App Free Bonus

We got the bonus after 30 hours of joining time.

Wait for the message.

Here is proof what we got in our account.

Themobilewallet Proof

How To Get Free Federal Bank ATM card (virtual)

TMW themobilewallet free arm card

The TMW app associated with Federal Bank to provide Financial services to its customers.

They currently offering Free virtual debit card for free(master card). You can also get your Physical Debit card by paying 99Rs.

How To Get It?

Just select the Cards option from the main dashboard in the app.( see at the bottom)

Click on Apply Now.

Enter your birth year and month.

Then click on the Apply button.

Awesome. You got the free virtual debit card from the federal bank.

You can use the card for shopping online and more.

Final Words

We got a bonus within 48 hours of joining time. It doesn’t have any fixed time to discuss further. Try your luck Right Now.

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