How To Play YouTube Videos In a Locked Device {Android}

We all love watching YouTube videos daily in our mobile phone. Do you need to play audio from the video, instead of watching  when our device is locked. Unfortunately, We can not play audio from the video solely. Yes, you can download the mp3 audio file from the YouTube mp3 downloader extension available by any third-party software/apps.

Here is our main problem, Youtube app doesn’t work if our mobile locked. So how can we play the video on this situation?

Here is the solution.

Install the FLOATUBE app in your android mobile. Play any video while mobile is locked in Android.

  • Install the Floatube APK from play store.
  • Download link is here.
  • Open the Floatube app.
  • Give the permission to the app.
  • It needs Draw over the all apps permission to work without any problems.
  • Search the video you like. Play and enjoy.

How Does It Works

Let’s us know how app works itself.

You will get the YouTube home web page on the app.

Search videos by typing the keywords. For example [movie]+ trailer.

You will get around 10+ videos list.

Select the video which does you want to play.

The video starts playing in a floating window.

It just works like a messenger floating icon.

Click on the icon to minimise the video and the same for maximize.


Oops, not one app has all features. It also has some backdrops. What are they?

What is it?

You can’t stop the video playing while your device is locked.

Is there any alternate apps?

Yes, there any many apps work like the Floatube app. You can search with [ float YouTube ] and [ Minimise YouTube ] keyword in the play store.

Let’s us know if you find the best alternative to the Floatube app.

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