Live Trivia Quiz Game Apps In India 2018 (Indian Live)

Playing live trivia games are now trending all over India after UC browser started with a New Game feature added into it(Because It is one of the popular browsers after Google Chrome browser). But, it is not India’s first trivia game, Loco Game App was the first one (renamed from Showtime).

We have posted most of the articles about live quiz apps only. So, this post will be covered all the trivia games in one place.

Yes, it is true trivia apps are becoming popular in India. Because people are joining to win free paytm cash without any hassle. We can also test our knowledge on various topics like Cricket, Sports, Technology and etc.

What are The Live Trivia Apps {list}

We have listed the apps based on various factors like prize money, the total number of playing, Easy Playing, No bugs while playing.

Loco Game

Loco Trivia Game app Win Paytm cash

This is India’s first live trivia game. Loco has 1 million+ downloads on the play store. Want to know more about Loco Click here.

  • Popular trivia app
  • Prize Money: 50,000
  • Players: 2 Lakh+
  • Loco refer Code: JAMES111{ Click To Copy }
  • Visit Full article to know more.

Brain baazi App

BrainBaazi App Game Show

Brainbaazi also best trivia game. It has also 1 million+ downloads in play store. This app is from TOI. Click here to read this app.


Mob Show Trivia Quiz Game show App

The coolest quiz show is Mobshow. Anchors are awesome and they will make fun. Questions also amaze you.


Qureka App live trivia quiz game app

Qureka app is a new app but there are amazing. They are giving away free money for referring your friends also. Try this app must.

Cheez Quizbiz

This quiz show is organising by Cheez Videos app. You can try this one.

UC millionaire

You can play this trivia game from UC browser only. So, you need to download the app first. This quiz show organising by Bigo live streaming App.

  • Prize Money: 10k+
  • Players: 100k+


Jusplay started after Brainbaazi was launched. But they are facing bugs in the app. You can play this game for practice.

  • Prize Money: 10k+
  • Players: 10k+
  • Read here for more.


Bigshow TV live trivia game is the new app. Launched in February 2018.

  • New App
  • Prize Money: 1k+
  • Players: 10k+


Stupidchat app also has the trivia game feature but I didn’t try yet.

  • Try Now

How To Win on Live Trivia Game Apps:

We are already posted how to win on this type of game apps. Visit Mobshow post from below link. To know how to win?

Is they are paying real money?

“I don’t know” because I didn’t win at least one time (I can’t play every day) because of my busy schedule with work. But we received one payment from Qureka App.

Finally, we are suggesting that you play this games for fun not for earning serious money. Actually, you can’t win every day. Because you really can’t answer all questions every time correctly. So, keep trying to play daily & win free paytm cash.

All the best from UPGUIDER team.

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  1. Hi Guys play the Online Quiz, in talntt app and explore your knowledge and win real cash prizes.
    They are conducting live contest as well, i had participated and won the cash prizes. Now i started playing quiz and winning cash prizes daily. Use my referral RE61422 and get one Life and you can use one life in one game.
    Download the Talntt app.

  2. LOCO:
    Loco referred to as HQ Trivia App in India. It’s Live Quiz Show that asks questions and gives you real cash when you answer them correct. The show is hosted by Gaurav Kapur which makes the show quite funny and enjoyable. It is very simple to play, where he asks 10 questions. The total cash prize gets split among all the winners and gets credited to their Paytm accounts on a weekly basis. It lets you to use Lives that you get by referring another user to the app. It takes place at 1:30 PM and 10 PM on Weekdays. On weekends it starts at 10 PM.
    BrainBaazi is another popular live trivia game show in India. Just like Loco, there is a host who will ask you few questions which you need to answer within the time limit. You will be asked 11 questions and each question must be answered within 10 seconds. In order to win, you need to answer all questions correctly. Won prize money is sent via Paytm or Mobikwik. This game goes live at 9 PM every day.
    Talntt is a popular Quiz app that comes with Live Quiz every day. Just like other trending apps such as Loco, BrainBaazi ,Talntt asks questions that you need to answer within limited time. It is very good for those who want to earn money just by playing online.
    Talntt hosts two quizzes every day. One at 1:45 PM asking only 5 questions and one more at 8 PM asking 10 questions.
    It offers real Cash Prize in every game which gets spilt among all the winners and gets credited to their Paytm wallet. It gives you Life that gets applied automatically when you fail to answer a question correctly. You can get lives by referring the app to others.
    It has become popular because of its ‘easy to play and win cash’ approach. Once you win the amount gets added to your app wallet. Once you send a request for money redemption, it gets credited to your Paytm account. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.100.

    Qureka presents live Quizzes at 2:30 PM and 8:30 PM. This app is quite similar to Loco. It asks 10 questions and each question needs to be answered in 10 Seconds. The prize money gets distributed among all the winners. Won cash prize is credited via Paytm and bank transfer. This app is available in English and Hindi.

    Healofy is another trending app with a unique concept guiding on Indian pregnancy and parenting. It is covers so many topics from pregnancy and helps babies, moms and pregnant moms. Its quiz goes live on 9 PM. Healofy asks 10 questions. In order to win you have to answer all questions correctly. Once you win, the cash prize gets distributed with other winners and gets added to the app wallet. From wallet you can transfer the amount to your Paytm account but you must have Rs. 100 to redeem the amount. Here also you can use lives and get it by sharing the app with others.

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