Push Notifications – Why Should You Enable On Your Website (Explained)

Do you getting any notifications on your smart phone from any apps? You might say “Oh.! Yes. Daily I am getting at ten notifications on my phone screen“. Either, Wait, I don’t have any mobile. Then you may get the same on your desktop browsers such Chrome or Firefox and others. This is called a push notification service which is used by the app to notify its users by pushing a notification through various push notification services.

Why would we use it?

Well. If you are a business owner, And you Wanted to notify your subscribers/customers as  “Hey, we got a new offer. Why don’t you look at it”. Do you use traditional email service to send emails to your customers? there is a less chance to know how many of people who read it. The most people is not open their emails in regular times. The same situation is works for you “This a long time offer”  and the same not work for you “Offer will ends in a week”.  So what is the alternate? Use Push Notifications. Push notifications are usually works on all latest devices regardless with the operating system.


  1. Send Immediate Notification on every update you send
  2. Engage Users Regularly
  3. Users don’t need to visit every day to know any new update/offer.
  4. Less cost (For website owners).
  5. Get more New Customers
  6. You can notify your user any time you want
  7. Know How your customers reacted on your products.
  8. More….

How This is works?

Your customer subscribes to notification service on your business app or in the website. You can send them a notification in matter of times. And, there is chance to know how many of your customers are engaged with it.

Does it costs money?

There are plenty of services available to send push notifications from your app or website. Some are free, some required to pay money. But all services work the same way.

How to enable it on your site/app?

To enable push notification service on your app you need to sign up any on provider first. In this tutorial we used OneSignal push notification service to explain you.

Here we go..!

Visit Onesignal Website From here. It is free.

Select a Push method how you want to send notifications.

Choose any One you would like to. We choose web push for this tutorial.

  1. Signup through email or social networks.
  2. Choose New app and enter app name.
  3. Select Platform. Select Web push here
  4. Configure the web push options.
  5. You are done.
  6. Read full guide & setup here.


  • If you owned an app choose a particular platform otherwise notification won’t delivered to your customers.
  • To start without any hassle use free service first.(To know how it is suitable for you)

Popular Push notification services

  1. OneSignal
  2. PushEngage
  3. Sendpulse
  4. Izooto
  5. Pushify
  6. Pushed
  7. PushAssist
  8. PushCrew


Push notifications are powerful tool to notify visitors in around minimum seconds. It is a good to have push notifications on your site to increase social signals & traffic. However, It is up to you to enable it or not.

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