Thepanelstation Review + Complete Guide – Earn Money by Taking Surveys

Earn money by completing surveys every month. Earn 300 per every month. Read how to earn from Thepanelstation?

Hello Everyone, Are you tried any survey site(s) to earn some money in your free time? But, most of them failed to make money online, because those sites scammed them (sites same kind of).

Today, We are here with another great survey site for India is ThePanelStation. It is a genuine survey site which is really paying for participating in surveys. I got paid two times from this website.

With TPS, you can able to earn 300 or more rupees a month and even more without paying anything and it is completely free & open for everyone (If you completed successfully).

We will guide you to earn money on TPS(TIPs Only). Here is the complete tutorial.

Get Signup bonus of 300 + 800 points which is equal to 110₹.

Here is the way to start…!
Visit official website.

Join on ThePanelStation

  • Download the TPS app from play store.
  • Login through Facebook or Google+* or use Email.
  • Fill all the required fields with valid details. (Phone & Email)
  • Phone number must has paytm account and it’s e-KYC verified.
  • Click on sign up. (Sign up bonus 300 points)
  • You have successfully joined.
  • Complete all profile surveys to get paid surveys. You also get 1100 points for it.
  • You will receive if any survey is matched to your profile in your email inbox.
  • Visit your email regularly.

You will get surveys into the email inbox. So, we recommend that keep checking regularly. Gmail users get emails into Promotions tab.

After, complete a survey you get redirect to smiley page…!

Panel station status
Complete status

How To Withdraw Money.

Withdrawal is available once you reached 3000+ points in your account. To earn more points see our tips.

To redeem:
Go-to Rewards section and select Redeem points.

The amount will be paid within 4-6 weeks after your request. We are usually getting paid after 1 month of request.

Extra way

  • Participate in Lucky Draw
  • You can also participate in the Lucky draw to win 20k rupees every month. Join with 500 points for one ticket.


  • Guaranteed Payments
  • Regular surveys
  • Redemption available in multiple ways.
  • Minimum 30 Rs per survey


  • Delay payments
  • Most of the survey’s are not suitable for everyone.

Tips To Complete More Surveys On TPS

These tips are most useful for beginners to complete the survey on ThePanelStaion.

  1. Put Gender as Female.
  2. Select household income between 4-10 lakhs per annum.
  3. Education as Degree or Higher.
  4. Age: 22-45
  5. Status: Put accordance with age.
  6. Set City of living as any greater city or metropolitan area. (Choose Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai)
  7. Choose Zip as per city.
  8. Have taken any survey in last 3 months: No.
  9. Use No App(It will track your location).
  10. {We will add soon or share with us you have any}

Proof of ThePanelStation:

We got a payment from TPS worth of 300₹. See below. We also attached a proof.

Thepanelstation Proof

Final Thoughts

We have shared most valuable tips to complete surveys. There is no doubt, we surely get paid for our hard work. But remember your account details while every survey you participate.

Join Now and Make Money

Share with your friends and help them to earn some money themselves.

Thank you.

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